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BFM Furniture Is Your One Stop Shop For All Your Restaurant and Bar Furniture Needs

BFM FURNITURE produces furniture of the utmost quality from quality-tested materials. Their meticulous process includes precise cutting, framing, sewing, filling and packaging for a flawless final product.

Our designs are the result of the creative minds of our experienced designers with over 30 years in the industry. They would love to add their creative yet professional touch to your selection and customization process.


The atmosphere of your restaurant is an integral factor in creating a positive guest experience and satisfaction. Selecting the appropriate furniture can help you meet that objective, leaving customers with a lasting impression - an essential factor when building and maintaining customer loyalty.

In addition to selecting furniture that caters to your target customer base, budget and theme, durability and ease of upkeep should also be taken into consideration. Inadequate furniture may drive away potential guests while properly chosen restaurant furniture will keep them coming back for more.

Quality and Craftsmanship: When searching for hospitality or restaurant furniture, select a manufacturer who specializes in high-quality items. This way, your products can withstand regular usage without fail.

Durability: Your restaurant chairs and tables will likely come into contact with food, drinks, and trays throughout the day. Make sure they're strong enough to handle daily wear-and-tear as well as breakage.

Ease of Maintenance: Your restaurant furniture should look fantastic, so ensure it can be easily cleaned and maintained. This includes paying attention to the materials used in its construction as well as upholstery on seats and backs.


BFM FURNITURE offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture, from sofas and daybeds to chairs, tables, and gazebos. All pieces are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor living while providing years of use.

BFM FURNITURE creates outdoor furniture from modern materials like aluminum, resin and wood that is both luxurious and long-lasting. Their pieces are ideal for spaces such as hotels, resorts, theme parks and public buildings.

One of the greatest advantages of these pieces is their resistance to rain, snow and sun. Boasting high pressure laminate tops that are easy to clean and maintain, these weather-proof pieces make a great addition for any outdoor space.

Are you searching for the perfect coffee table, outdoor LED lighting or even an outdoor speaker? Look no further than this collection! There's also plenty of other outdoor furniture options like seating options, patio dining sets and small finishing touches to help create your ideal backyard oasis.


BFM FURNITURE offers an extensive selection of upholstered restaurant chairs perfect for restaurants and high-end establishments. Crafted with durable wood or metal frames, upholstery-grade woven fabric, and padded backs, these dining chairs provide comfortable seating to patrons. Available in various sizes, shapes and colors to match your tables perfectly, these chairs can also be paired with side tables to provide extra seating or children can sit comfortably at the dinner table too! These classic looking chairs can be used in steak houses, taverns or family-style restaurants due to their natural or walnut finishes which offer classic styling.


If you own or are opening a restaurant, you'll require various commercial furniture pieces. Bar stools can provide comfortable seating for guests while helping attract new customers.

When selecting bar stools, take into account both your decor scheme and how comfortable you'd like your patrons to feel while sitting in them. Some styles are swiveling or adjustable, while others boast stackable designs for easy storage when not in use.

Create an exceptional dining experience for your customers with top-notch food, service and beautiful furnishings. This classic cherry wood bar stool will lend your establishment a warm, inviting look.


Are you in the restaurant business or just want to add some flair to your home bar? Look no further than BFM FURNITURE for all of your commercial furniture needs. From top-notch restaurant chairs and beautifully crafted dining room tables, to top-notch customer service and competitive pricing - we have it all. Plus, we even have an online ordering system in case you want to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable specialists.

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Emma Cane Back Bar Stool

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Emma Cane Back Side Chair

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