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Restaurant Furniture Emu Furniture in the USA

Distinctive Emu Furniture from Italy

Manufactured in Marsciano, Italy, in between Rome and Florence, EMU’s distinctive line of metal furnishings has acquired an identity of the highest quality manufactured metal furnishings on the globe. Having created fine traditional metal furniture for many years, EMU has created an empire for offering the globe with sensible furniture alternatives for commercial and residential use.  From such humble beginnings, EMU's furniture now is in the marketplace in more than 50 nations and are utilized in some of the world’s most beautiful resorts from the Granducato in Florence to the Hotel dei Dogi in Venice. Major resorts, clubs and hotels from all over the globe have selected the furniture because of its elegance, useful functionality and ease of maintenance. The furniture illustrates EMU's distinctive taste and Italian style.

Metal Restaurant Furniture by Emu

Elettro Meccanica Umbras, now referred to as EMU, came to be in 1951.  The company was engaged in developing a water resistant coating for military radios as well as their components during the war.  By means of this procedure of platicising the metal components, a decade later, utilized the identical process for patio and garden furniture.  This particular process competes with the practice of powder coating.  Due to the fact of this unique anti-corrosion treatment, EMU has produced an excellent product for business oriented settings.

Contempory Design

Utilizing cutting edge contempory design, research and top of the line materials, Emu has created a quality that has exceeded its competitors 10 fold.  The company has employed numerous committed artisans over the decades that have created modern designs that will greatly enhance any commercail area.  By means of meticulous engineering with unparalleled standards, choices of material, making it through demanding testing, the furniture has proven to endure heavy duty use common to the foodservice, hospitality and corporate industries.  Developed for easy routine maintenance and functionality, emu® furniture is your # 1 choice.  From effortless portability to foldable and stacking of dining furniture, Emu is a no-brainer choice in present day market place.

Hospitality Furniture

We are proud to showcase all products in the catalog making this a one stop shop.  From residential to commercial use, from retail to wholesale, LBO can fill your outdoor and indoor needs.  If you are researching for eye-catching, innovative, cutting edge furniture, Call to speak with a LBO representative at 888 320.1161.  The difference with LBO is all the employees are owners of the company.  We all care!