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Flash Furniture Is a Brand You'll Love

Flash Furniture manufactures a wide selection of commercial seating for restaurants, schools and bars. Their stackable chairs, folding tables, bar stools and drafting stools are just some of the products offered. Plus, their Quick Ship program enables customers to receive items within an afternoon! Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Canton, GA, the company ships items to major shipping points throughout America.


Flash Furniture makes a statement with their high end home and office furnishings as well as more budget friendly choices like time tested classics, vintage finds and modern day knick knacks. Not to mention their excellent customer service! If you need office chairs for the next round or want to breathe new life into your living room, Flash Furniture has what you need at prices you'll love. Plus they boast an expansive inventory of quality furniture! With over 17 years in business, the company provides something for everyone in every price point, style and color imaginable.


If you're searching for a tranquil outdoor area to entertain and dine, patio furniture is the ideal solution. No matter if your outdoor space is small, medium, or large, there are patio sets and individual pieces to fit any need or style perfectly.

When selecting patio furniture for your home, aesthetics shouldn't be the only consideration; durability and comfort must also be taken into consideration. Look for materials that are weather-resistant and able to withstand the elements - like a teak sofa set crafted from solid teak wood or an upholstered bistro chair with a strong steel frame.

When choosing patio furniture, color is another factor to consider. Natural woods are always a popular choice but you can also find furniture with vibrant finishes that will complement your landscaping or other exterior elements.

Keep your furniture looking its best by regularly using a mild soap and water solution to clean it. Some materials require only a simple scrub, while others necessitate more effort or special products for optimal care.

Choose patio furniture collections with complementary colors and patterns to maintain the aesthetic on your deck, porch or lanai. For instance, a wicker patio set featuring the same style and vibrant hues can help create a unified atmosphere in your yard.

For extra comfort, consider outdoor cushions made of foam or polyester fiberfill that dries quickly and is machine-washable. It's a low maintenance choice that won't retain moisture or mold, which can be an issue with plastic furniture.

Your patio furniture's durability depends on how often you use it, the weather conditions and how well you maintain it. Some materials, like plastic resins, will fade or crack with exposure to elements; on the other hand, other materials are designed to last and withstand exposure for years.

When purchasing patio furniture, don't forget to pick up a couple of patio umbrellas as well. These can be an excellent addition to any deck for sun protection and shade when temperatures rise. Many are retracted so they won't interfere with seating arrangements, plus many come equipped with UV and rain protection built-in.


As a homeowner in an HOA-governed community, you may pay fees to access services like pools and clubhouses. As an HOA member, it's your responsibility to abide by its governing documents and rules in order to avoid getting fined or having your property damaged.

HOA rules can seem intimidating, but they're meant to protect everyone. They should be written clearly and easily accessible for residents so they understand what's allowed and when.

Homeowner associations typically set architectural standards that homeowners must abide by to maintain the aesthetic of the community. These may include restrictions on painting, installing garden sculptures or planting invasive species or plants that could cause harm.

These rules are typically outlined in your association's governing documents, or CC&Rs. They define your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner in relation to the HOA of your community as well as outlining the rules & boundaries for common areas & individual lots.

Your CC&Rs will also outline how to request approval to alter something about your home or property, such as changing the color of your roof shingles. These requests typically go before an ARC (Architectural Review Committee), which makes recommendations regarding what changes your HOA board will accept and allow.

You may also receive approval to add or remove furniture in your yard if it is not part of the exterior of your home. This could include decks, patios and balconies.

Most HOAs do not permit hanging items like beach towels or surfboards from balconies as it could create unsafe conditions for neighbors. They may also prohibit storing bicycles or other items on balconies.

Another policy that may seem complex is what type of items are allowed on the lawn. For instance, most HOAs have a rule that no garden sculptures or statues may be placed in landscape beds in front of your home.

This can be especially problematic, as a backyard statue that's not approved by your HOA could violate the CC&Rs and lead to fines. If you have any queries about these policies or any other HOA regulations, reach out to the management company in your area for further details.


When selecting poolside furniture, you need something comfortable and inviting that will provide a great place to unwind in the sun. Furthermore, opt for chairs and loungers that are durable enough to withstand any harsh weather conditions that come your way.

Pool furniture comes in many styles, from chaise lounges and recliners to hammocks that can turn your patio into an outdoor haven. When selecting furniture styles for your backyard oasis, ensure it complements the existing decor of the area.

The outdoor chaise lounge is the most popular poolside seating choice, available in a range of styles to suit your preferences. They usually feature adjustable backs so you can relax at any angle. Choose from wicker or rattan chaises featuring vibrant chair cushions, or opt for solid-colored lounges made from all-weather mesh fabric and metal frames for greater stability.

For a classic beachside design, try an Adirondack lounge chair. These comfortable furniture items are great for relaxing and soaking up the sun and come in various colors such as bright, tropical, and neutral tones. To complete the look of your patio with classic poolside furniture pieces like footstool or ottoman, add one of these classic furniture items.

Consider adding a sectional sofa to your patio area. These large pieces of furniture offer plenty of seating for guests and often feature outdoor throw pillows for added comfort. Sectional sofas come in various materials like wicker or resin.

One way to make the most of your poolside patio is by installing a dining table and seating arrangement. These sets can accommodate parties, family dinners, and more; they can comfortably seat two to four people in various designs such as bar-height or folding styles for easy storage after the season is over.

When selecting pool furniture, durability and ease of cleaning are paramount. Waterproof designs that can handle splashes from the pool, wet towels and even playful kids should also be considered. At Home or Business Interiors we carry a large selection of poly outdoor furniture in vibrant color options to fit any budget - more durable than wood or metal alternatives and available in various price points to match any lifestyle.

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