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Galvanized Under Shelf for Prep and Work Tables - Adjustable Lower Shelf for 30" x 72" Stainless Steel Tables

SKU: NH-GU-2460-GG-copy
Manufacturer: FLASH ECONOMY


Galvanized Under Shelf for Prep and Work Tables - Adjustable Lower Shelf for 24" x 60" Stainless Steel Tables

Add extra storage in your restaurant or commercial kitchen when you purchase this galvanized steel under shelf for your 24 x 48 work table. Ideal as an add-on shelf for holding spices, utensils, or bakeware, this additional under shelf is a space-saving must. If you have a shelf that has seen better days, this under shelf for work tables allows you to quickly and easily replace a worn out shelf.

Use this steel shelf in addition to your existing lower shelves in small spaces to free up counter and cabinet space or walk-in refrigeration units to hold produce or meats. Not only for business use, this under shelf can also be an add-on shelf for work tables in home based catering and bakery enterprises where space is at a premium.

Using this well made undershelf in your business is easy and safe. Tough and durable, this 18 gauge galvanized steel shelf will take what you dish out and come back for more. Add the steel shelf by sliding onto the legs of your work table, tighten the set screws and voila! Adjustable to your desired height and easily cleaned with a neutral detergent, this galvanized lower shelf meets the demands of today's kitchens.

Galvanized Under Shelf for Stainless Steel Work Tables
18 Gauge Galvanized Steel resists corrosion and rust
Adjustable Height to accommodate multiple items
Effortless Assembly takes less than 10 minutes
Clean with a Neutral Detergent
Add-on galvanized shelf is an ideal storage solution for restaurants, deli's or your home